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Ustaz Hanafi


Ustaz Hanafi is an active preacher and a motivator, and he had stage 4 lymphoma (a type of cancer). He was diagnosed with the disease on January 31, 2017. The first thing he said when the doctor informed him he had cancer was “Alhamdulillah,” a form of praise to Allah. He said, “Thank you Allah. Among many of your servants, you chose me to receive such a big gift.” He said he accepted it with an open heart.

As a motivator, he shows how he really practices what he preaches, which is to think positively even when you face life-threatening experiences. After he had surgery to remove the cancer, he underwent chemotherapy. The impact of the chemotherapy made his physical strength weaker, but he remained strong. His family and the people around him lifted his spirit and made him strive harder in his battle with cancer. Along his journey towards curing, he practices a healthy lifestyle, eats mostly healthy and suitable foods for cancer patients, and also consumes supplements.

Since then, he has never stopped giving advice to all the cancer patients he has seen. He often told them to “Never Give Up” and to always remember that Allah is always with them.


Apart from giving ordinary preaches at mosques, government agencies, and corporate events, Ustaz Hanafi also uses his own methods to preach Islam to people. He initiated the effort to deliver Islam teachings through high powered motorcycle convoys throughout the country. He is the founder and the president of Sifu Bikers. 

Since they were established on 15th April 2015, Sifu Bikerz ride their high powered motorcycles as a recreational activity among members and to attract a lot of youngsters to come and join the mosque activities. A lot of youngsters are attracted towards the convoy especially when the group parked their high powered motorcycle at the mosque parking area.


Ustaz Hanafi is the advisor for Sekolah Tahfiz Al Habbah, Batu Cave, Selangor (an orphanage and a school that teaches Quran memorisation). The students consist of orphans, the impoverished, and those in need of assistance. They include the homeless, whom we have gathered and provided education to for free. The school incurs very high expenses as it bears 100% of the students’ expenses. Half of the income from Ustaz Hanafi’s lectures is used to support the school. Until today, GNI Pharma also donated a portion of the sales revenue to the school.”


Ustaz Hanfiah is also active in helping Non Governmental Organisation such as Global Ehsan Malaysia.

Humanitarian Program

One of the efforts he made with the NGO visited  kahramanmaraş Turkey in 2021 to help Syrian refugees. Together with the residents of kahramanmaraş they help them with employment, food and resettlement (build homes). Shockingly,  recently the kahramanmaraş Turkey was hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Once again Ustaz Hanafi with Global Ehsan Malaysia visit the place to provide assistance for the victims of the disaster


27A, Jalan Nirwana 39, Taman Nirwana, 68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor


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